Hello dear friend.

You came to a place where they love letters and infect others with them, as Albert Einstein said (although he spoke about art in general, but oh well, it doesn’t matter :).

In the Menu you will find everything you need – books, handwriting , handwriting lined paper and, of course, a large archive of rare books on calligraphy, which are in the public domain, but hidden from you by caring calligraphers selling their courses.

Rare materials will be published on this resource, something I, for example, handwriting, I will prepare myself, or, in the future, after studying, you will help with this!

Calligraphy, like any art in our age of information technology, you can learn yourself, and you can bypass all the courses in the world and not learn anything. It’s up to you, friends! I am always there, on Instagram @calligraphy_sochi.