Here I will publish links to available materials and tools for calligraphy.

Maybe there will be something else 🙂

Convenient and cheap oblique holder

Organic ink for 1 ruble – 110 ml! I train only with them, do not get my hands dirty, the table and fit well on paper.

Ideal and cheap paper for calligraphy + other goods feathers and other at a discount (except for holders)

lightpad, it’s also a luminous panel, the price is up to 700 r.

Ceramic bunnies, cats, pandas, etc. (see the entire list of the store) pen / brush coasters. They are stands for Chinese sticks =) you can find metal dogs, cats and deers on Ali (and much more, we are looking for stands for Chinese sticks).

For bloggers:
Tripod-holder smartphone. Needed for a convenient top-down table shooting process.

Microphone loop – when used, it reduces extraneous noise and the echo of the room.

In order for mascara to lie on glossy surfaces we use Gum Arabic – it is sold in any art store.

We take titanium whitewash there in the form of gouache, dilute it with water in a palette, it is also on sale already with gum arabic (we read the composition on the bank, for example, St. Petersburg gouache).